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10-port multi-charger


Charge multiple devices at once!

Compatible with most tracking and training collars….just select the appropriate charging cords and/or clips (sold separately).

Unlike other “generic” chargers on the market, our 10-port charger is designed to keep your training collars, tracking collars, and compatible handheld units charged for your next hunt.

Though designed for your hunting and training equipment, it will also charge many USB-compatible hunting lights, cell phones, tablets, cameras, watches and more! With 10 independent ports, you can keep all of your devices charged and ready to go without searching for multiple chargers or outlets.

If you already have charging cords and clips, the Charge-10 is all you need to simplify charging all of your devices. If you need cords and/or clips, here's a brief rundown of what you'll want to pick up.

Charge-10 + MiniUSB + TColClip (11828-20)
T5, T5X, TT15, TT15X, T9

Charge-10 + MiniUSB + TT10Clip (11828-00)

Charge-10 + MiniUSB + ProRXClip (11890-10)
T5Mini, TT15Mini, ProTrash, TB10, SportPro, Pro70, Pro550, PT10

Charge10 + DC50ChCabl (11962-00)

Charge-10 + MiniUSB
Alpha100 handheld, Astro220 handheld, Astro320 handheld, Astro430 handheld, Astro900 handheld, GBarkDel, Delta handheld, DeltaSport handheld, DelSportXC handheld, DeltaXC handheld, DeltaUpland handheld, Delta-RX extra collar, Pro Control, Pro Trashbreaker handheld, SportPRO handheld, Pro70 handheld, Pro 550 handheld, Pro 550 Plus handheld

Charge-10 + AtoC
T20, TT25. Alpha300HH, Alpha300iHH, DeltaSE (collar and handheld), TreadXL, inReach Mini

Charge-10 + AtoC + 13300-00 Clip

Finally! Say goodbye to managing multiple chargers. Say hello to the convenience of the Charge-10, 10-port Multi-Charger!



!WARNING:  Cancer and Reproductive Harm.

  • Model: Charge-10
  • Manufactured by: Grain Valley

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 11 June 2024.

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