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OMNI Receiver


Replacement receiver for OMNI

Extra/replacement receiver for use with Quick Track Omni collars.


  • Bluetooth allows mobility for you - connect the receiver to a long-range roof mount antenna and still move freely outside your truck while viewing the hunt on your app
  • Track up to 10 dogs
  • Receiver uses standard AA batteries that are user-replaceable (included)
  • Download satellite terrain and street view maps
  • Advanced algorithm and inertial measurement unit provides dead reckoning position information when satellites are obstructed
  • Capable of pairing collars to both your smartphone and tablet (you can easily switch between the 2 viewing devices)
  • Assembled in the US

  • Model: OmniRec
  • Manufactured by: Quick Track

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 02 November 2015.

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