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Handheld Transmitter for SD-425, SD-425S, SDF-CT


Replacement transmitter for the SportDOG FieldTrainer SD-425 and 425S as well as the SportDOG Contain-N-Train System.

This unit can be used to replace a lost remote/transmitter.  Or because the SD-425/SD-425S systems are fully customizable, you can add it to your existing system to set 2 or more transmitters to control the same collar receiver (consult your Owner's Manual for set up instructions).

If you already have a SportDOG containment system and would like to upgrade it to allow training functionality, simply purchase an SDF-CTR Collar/Receiver along with this SDT54-13889 handheld transmitter.  The SDF-CTR collar will work with your existing SportDOG containment system to contain your dog, and your SDT54-13889 transmitter will allow for remote training, all with a single contain-n-train collar.


  • Up to 500 yard range
  • Expandable to support up to 3 collars
  • DryTek waterproof and submersible to 25 feet
  • Remote Transmitter without antenna - 5.30"L X 1.70"W X 1.00"D
  • Compatible with: 
    • FieldTrainer425 (SD-425), 425S (SD-425S)
    • WetlandHunter 425 (SD-425CAMO), 1825 (SD-1825CAMO)
    • SportHunter 825 (SD-825), 1225 (SD-1225), 1825 (SD-1825)
    • ProHunter 2525 (SD-2525)
    • HoundHunter 3225 (SD-3225)
    • Contain-N-Train (SDF-CT), (SDR-CTR)

  • Model: SDT54-13889
  • Manufactured by: SportDOG Brand

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 28 August 2017.

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