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Dual Sonic Remote Training System


Shock-free Dual Sonic training

Motorola's Dual Sonic Remote Training System utilizes high-frequency sound instead of static stimulation to discourage behaviors such as barking, digging, or jumping on guests.

The high-frequency sound is specifically designed to be an annoyance to animals, while being imperceptible to humans (above the range of human hearing). The unit also includes a vibration feature, which helps reinforce the ultrasonic correction.

Unlike lesser ultrasonic devices, Motorola's DualSonic design features two ultrasonic water-resistant speakers, specially placed to direct the sound back towards the dog. This produces optimal results while keeping the sound produced at a safe level.

The collar's sound can be adjusted to suit your dog with three settings, an audible tone (to humans too), a one second ultrasonic sound duration, and a higher, three second sound duration level.


  • Ultrasonic sound deterrent (inaudible to humans)

  • Vibration helps reinforce ultrasonic correction

  • Up to 65 yard range (approx 200 ft)

  • Lightweight collar

  • Water-resistant collar (IP54)

  • Low battery indicator (for collar unit)

  • Pocket-sized handheld transmitter

  • User-replaceable batteries in both collar/receiver and handheld/transmitter (batteries for both are included, but additional replacement batteries are available for purchase separately)

    In the Box

  • Pet Collar Unit

  • Nylon Collar Strap

  • Handheld transmitter

  • CR2450 battery (installed in collar unit)

  • CR2032 battery (installed in handheld unit)

  • User's Guide


    • Model: Train200U
    • Manufactured by: Motorola

    This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 13 May 2015.

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