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Silver Pro Handlers Pen - 42


The Choice of Dog Show Enthusiasts Everywhere!

This tough, durable, and portable exercise pen features an easy set-up design with dual-folding hinges that make it easy to add or remove panels.

The dual-folding hinge, folds flat in either direction for easy non-invasive storage.

The durable construction includes eight 2 ft. wide panels totaling 16 feet in length.

The pen has an attractive, rust-free silver anodized zinc electroplate finish, added after welding, to reinforce protection and increase the pen's value.

This versatile play yard allows you to arrange the pen in your choice of layouts. (4'x4'square, 6'x2' rectangle, 5' diameter circle or 16' fence).

42" in height. Other height options are 18", 24", 30", 36", and 48".

Snap onto a crate to give your pet even more room!

Add the optional Play yard sunshade!

Why an Exercise Pen?

  • Keeps Pets Away from Danger and Gives Them a "Yard" of Their Own
  • No Exposed Screws, Wires or Pins to Injure Your Pet
  • Provides Breathing Room and Visibility for Your Pet
  • Offers an Easy Way to Manage Your Pet Regardless of Your Surroundings
  • Easy to Transport
  • Easy to Set Up, Take Down and Store




  • 42" in Height
  • Durable, Economical and Easy to Transport
  • Dual-folding Hinge Makes Adding/Removing Panels Easy
  • Folds Flat in Either Direction
  • Takes Up Little Space
  • Sets Up and Folds Up Easily
  • Bolt Snap Fasteners Included
  • Eight 2 ft-wide Panels
  • Comes with Long-lasting Silver Zinc Coating
  • Optional sunshade available
  • Panels can Serve as Tops for Pens Configured in a 48 in. Square 



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  • Model: silpro42
  • Manufactured by: Precision Pet

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 13 May 2014.

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