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Field/Vehicle Charger D-Field5

Field/Vehicle Charger

Dogtra 5 volt auto charger for lithium-polymer batteries.    Works with the following Dogtra models: iQ series, 280C, EF-3000 Gold receiver,  and...

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High-Powered Bark Collar YS-600

High-Powered Bark Collar

The YS-600 is a high-powered, rapid charge No-Bark collar with 10 levels of stimulation, which includes a High-Powred vibration only mode. Superior...

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iQ CliQ iQCliQ

iQ CliQ

Clicker training and E-Collar training combined! This innovative training tool is simple, but effective in shaping your dog's basic obedience....

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iQ CliQ Extra Receiver CliqRX

iQ CliQ Extra Receiver

Expand your Dogtra iQ CliQ to a 2-dog system with this extra collar/receiver. Features Distinct and consistent click Pulsating Nick Stimulation...

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IQ No Bark Collar IQBark

IQ No Bark Collar

Don't give up on Fido! Need a safe alternative to stop unwanted barking? Our dog friendly features include a learning vibration system that vibrates...

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iQ Plus Expandable iQPlus

iQ Plus Expandable

Compact, but feature-rich e-collar...perfect for dogs as small as 10 pounds The iQ Plus combines many of the features found in full-sized remote...

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iQ Plus Extra Collar/Receiver iQPlusRX

iQ Plus Extra Collar/Receiver

Extra Collar/Receiver for use with the iQ Plus system The Additional Receiver for the iQ Plus expands your e-collar into a 2-dog system. Our compact...

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Lanyard D-Lanyard


Transmitter Lanyard for Dogtra models. Works with any Dogtra transmitter - black in color.

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Lightning/Surge Protector D-Surge

Lightning/Surge Protector

Protect your containment system from power surges and/or lightening strikes.

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Pathfinder Extra Collar (Track & Train) PathCol

Pathfinder Extra Collar (Track & Train)

Additional collar for use with Pathfinder.  Offers tracking and training on your existing Pathfinder system. Offers "nick" and "contant" stimulation...

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Pathfinder GPS + E-Collar Pathfinder

Pathfinder GPS + E-Collar

The Smarter way to Map, Track and Train The Dogtra Pathfinder brings GPS and e-collar technology right to your smartphone, giving you a more...

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Pathfinder TRX PathTRX

Pathfinder TRX

Designed for competition and locating and approved for UKC events! The Dogtra Pathfinder TRX brings advanced GPS tracking technology right to your...

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Pathfinder TRX (Tracking Only) Extra Collar PathTRX-RX

Pathfinder TRX (Tracking Only) Extra Collar

For use with the Dogtra Pathfinder GPS System.  The Dogtra Pathfinder TRX collar allows you to track your dog, but does not include e-collar...

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Pheasant Launcher D-PL

Pheasant Launcher

The PL bird launcher is a great tool to help train your hunting dog. The PL launcher is designed for pheasant-size game birds. AIRFLOW - Excellent...

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Quail Launcher D-QL

Quail Launcher

The QL bird launcher is a great tool to help train your hunting dog. The QL series will launch quail or barn pigeon-size game birds for both pointers...

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RR Deluxe Remote Release - 1 transmitter/1 receiver D-RR1

RR Deluxe Remote Release - 1 transmitter/1 receiver

The Dogtra remote release is interchangeable with most of the aftermarket launcher systems on the market today. The versatile transmitter can be...

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StarWalk StarWalk


Love your dog - one step at a time. Meet the iQ Pet StarWalk, the best friend to your best friend....The StarWalk accompanies your dog by attaching...

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SureStim H Collar/Receiver SureH-RX

SureStim H Collar/Receiver

Replacement or Extra collar/receiver for SureStim H Plus Expand your SureStim H Plus system to a 2-dog model. Your existing handheld transmitter can...

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Train & Beep 2-Dog 2702T&B

Train & Beep 2-Dog

Specifically designed for upland hunting with built-in beeper collar. 2-Dog System. The Dogtra 2702T&B e-collar is designed for upland hunting,...

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Train & Beep System 2700T&B

Train & Beep System

Specifically designed for upland hunting with built-in beeper collar. The Dogtra 2700T&B e-collar is designed for upland hunting, giving you more...

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YS-200 No-Bark Collar YS-200

YS-200 No-Bark Collar

The YS200 is the smallest No-Bark Collar that Dogtra currently offers. The collar has a vocal cord sensor which is designed to distinguish a dog's...

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YS-300 Yapper Stopper YS-300

YS-300 Yapper Stopper

No-bark collar for small to medium breeds. Bark activated "no bark collar" for small to medium sensitive breeds. Dogtra has developed a "sound...

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