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Lightning/Surge Protector LP-4100

Lightning/Surge Protector

Protect your containment system from lightning surges and spikes Lightning strikes, even miles away, can create powerful surges or spikes which may...

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Wire & Flag Kit PRFA-500

Wire & Flag Kit

500 Feet of boundary wire with flags and splices. Images Click on the images to enlarge.

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ZND-1000 Additional Zone ZND-1000

ZND-1000 Additional Zone

Add to your existing Zones or IUC containment system to create indoor "off-limit" areas. What is a Containment System? A Containment...

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ZND-1200 Instant Pet Barrier with 1 Zone ZND-1200

ZND-1200 Instant Pet Barrier with 1 Zone

Designed by professionals to instantly keep your dog away from problem areas in your home - no training necessary. Unlike other deterrents, Innotek...

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