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GPS-enabled Dog Tracking Handheld Astro430HH

GPS-enabled Dog Tracking Handheld

With faster 2.5-second location updates and the capacity to follow up to 20 dogs, Astro 430 is a handheld powerhouse of dog-tracking performance....

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Omni Combo System OmniCombo

Omni Combo System

Taking tracking to the next generation! The Quick Track OMNI system takes tracking to the next generation! With a user-friendly app, you're able to...

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Pet Data Recorder DataRec

Pet Data Recorder

Eyenimal's Pet Data Recorder offers a glimpse into the mysterious world of your pet! Suitable for cats or dogs, this tiny GPS unit tracks your pet's...

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T9 Dog Device T9

T9 Dog Device

Tracking collar for use with the Astro 900 handheld. In the Box T 9 dog device with rechargeable lithium-ion battery 1 inch (2.5 cm) blue collar...

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TEK 2.0 Location System TEK-V2L

TEK 2.0 Location System

GPS-based tracking for up to 21 dogs. Just when it seemed GPS tracking technology couldn’t get any better, SportDOG has again changed the game with...

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TEK Series 1.5 Locate Only System TEK-V1.5L

TEK Series 1.5 Locate Only System

The SportDOG Brand TEK Series 1.5 GPS Tracking System upgrades our original tracking system's Handheld Device making it compatible with the TEK...

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