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4-Way Locking Cat Flap PPA00-11325

4-Way Locking Cat Flap

Color: White. Flap: Clear. Deluxe 4-Way Locking Cat Flap is available in gleaming white finish. Gives you control by allowing you to set the flap for...

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Cat Flap CC10-050-11

Cat Flap

Let your cat pass through any interior door Give your cat access to her litter box without giving her litter box access to your home! This durable...

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Deluxe Cat Flap P1-4W-11

Deluxe Cat Flap

The cat flap with oh-so-many options. Give your cat access to her litter box even with a closed door. This durable, transparent cat flap fits any...

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Slim Profile Big Cat Door PPA00-11326

Slim Profile Big Cat Door

Color: White. Flap: Clear. This newly designed unit is a slim line pet door, suitable for sliding doors, such as patio doors, sliding wood doors, and...

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