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1" Replacement Strap RFA-48

1" Replacement Strap

Fits most PetSafe Bark Collars and many containment collars. Our own strap with upgraded materials... 1" Width High Quality Nylon Strap Heavy-duty...

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3V Battery RFA-188

3V Battery

PetSafe's exclusive small-sized battery helps keep your pet safe and well-behaved For PetSafe Bark Control: PBC00-10782 PBC00-11047 PBC23-10931...

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6V Alkaline Battery RFA-18-11

6V Alkaline Battery

Keep your pet's collar going strong with long-life alkaline power For PetSafe Bark Control: PBC00-11005 PBC00-11282 PBC19-11043 For PetSafe Remote...

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6V Battery - 2 pack RFA-67D-11

6V Battery - 2 pack

PetSafe's exclusive battery for your pet's collar For PetSafe Bark Control: PBC00-10677 PBC-302 PDBC-300 PUSB-300 PUSB-150-19 PBC19-10765 PDBC-300-20...

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9 Volt Battery GV-9V-Bat

9 Volt Battery

A 9-Volt Alkaline battery that you can count on every day! Energizer is proud to introduce Power Seal Technology! You told us what frustrates you...

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AC Adapter DelBLAdapt

AC Adapter

For use with Delta, Delta Sport, Bark Limiter Deluxe, or DC-50 This adapter changes your Garmin USB cable into an AC charger.            ...

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BarkLimiter BLDClip


Extra/Replacement charging clip for BarkLimiter Deluxe Let the charging begin...again! Simply attach your BarkLimiter Deluxe to our replacement clip...

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Charger for Dogtra Units D-Charge

Charger for Dogtra Units

Replacement/Extra Charger for Dogtra models

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Citronella Refill PAC17-16190

Citronella Refill

Citronella is an essential oil that is derived from the stem and leaves of lemon grass and has been used in medicine for over a thousand years....

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CR2 Battery for BarkLimiter GBLBat

CR2 Battery for BarkLimiter

Replacement battery for BarkLimiter (not compatible with BarkLimiter Deluxe) 010-11863-00 Need a charge? Purchase this replacement CR2 battery and...

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Dummy Collar for GBL2 BL2Dum

Dummy Collar for GBL2

Non-stimulating dummy collar for Garmin Bark Limiter 2         !WARNING:  Cancer and Reproductive Harm.

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European Charger Adapter D-EuroAdap

European Charger Adapter

Use with SBC12V or BC5V1000 chargers

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Field/Vehicle Charger D-Field5

Field/Vehicle Charger

Dogtra 5 volt auto charger for lithium-polymer batteries.    Works with the following Dogtra models: iQ series, 200C, 280C, EF-3000 Gold receiver,...

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Metal Contact Point Set MetCP

Metal Contact Point Set

Customize your Garmin Delta Inbounds (Inbounds or InbCol), or Bark Limiter 2 (GBL2) with this contacts kit that includes short and long...

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Miaow Control MeowCont

Miaow Control

Limit your cat's meowing! Using ultrasonic technology, this easy-to-use device will help to limit your cat's excessive meowing. Simple 2-button...

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Receiver battery for YT-100 and YT-100S SDT54-16718

Receiver battery for YT-100 and YT-100S

Collar/Receiver battery for YT-100, YT-100S or SBC-10   Replacement Battery Kit for your YardTrainer 100 and 100S Receiver Collar. Also compatible...

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Replacement Battery Assembly BLDBat

Replacement Battery Assembly

Replacement/Extra battery for Garmin Bark Limiter Deluxe Need to recharge? Use this replacement lilthium-ion battery housing to keep your BarkLimiter...

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Replacement Battery for SBC-R SAC54-16091

Replacement Battery for SBC-R

Complete replacement battery kit for NoBark SBC-R.   Kit comes with Rechargeable Battery, Operating Guide, Gasket, and hex key.      

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Scentless Refill PAC17-16191

Scentless Refill

Scentless - 2.4 oz.

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Spray Refill - Citronella (3-Pack) PAC00-16371

Spray Refill - Citronella (3-Pack)

The PetSafe Spray Refill cartridges are easy to replace with no mess.   Simply remove the empty cartridge and replace with the new one. The...

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Spray Refill - Unscented (3-Pack) PAC00-16646

Spray Refill - Unscented (3-Pack)

The PetSafe Spray Refill cartridges are easy to replace with no mess.   Simply remove the empty cartridge and replace with the new one. The...

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Spray Refill for Deluxe Spray No-Bark Collar BarkRefill

Spray Refill for Deluxe Spray No-Bark Collar

Choose Lemon/Citronella, Lavender, or Unscented For use with the Eyenimal Deluxe Spray No Bark Collar. Choose from lemon/citronella, lavender, or...

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Vehicle Charger for Delta and Bark Limiter VehDelBL

Vehicle Charger for Delta and Bark Limiter

Charge your Delta, Delta Sport, or Bark Limiter Deluxe on the go Plug into any 12 V cigarette lighter receptacle to power your Garmin device and...

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