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Wire-Free Wi-Fi Dog Fence


Introducing Wire-Free Dog Fence - the first and only Wi-Fi Fence for pets. With the hottest micro-chip transceiver set (highly integrated signal chips that constantly links your dog's collar to the Smart Station), this system intelligently tracks the location of your dog at all times and provides a reminder to respect the established safe area, all while communicating critical safety information back to you.

Provides a circular containment area up to 2.5 acres (maximum 200 foot radius-400 foot diameter) and is fully portable and perfect for home or travel. Note: not recommended for areas with dense trees, metail buildings or structures with metal siding/roofing within the containment area, or log homes.

The system will operate up to 2 collar/receivers - 1 is included (additional collar/receivers sold separately).

The Wi-Fi Collar Receiver is extremely small at 2.5" x 1.5" x 1.25" and it weighs an astonishingly small 2.3 ounces. Don't let the small size fool you - it is packed with the most advanced electronics ever. The Wi-Fi Collar  Receiver offers many customized options. It can be preset at one of 4 fixed static settings, or at setting 5 which offers Progressive Correction.

When approaching the preset boundary the collar emits a warning tone. If your dog continues to approach the boundary the preset correction level will be triggered. If you have selected setting 5 then Progressive Correction will be triggered. Progressive Correction starts at the lowest level and increases if your dog continues toward the boundary. The internal micro chip will continually increase the correction level based on the speed your dog is approaching the boundary and the distance your dog is away from the boundary. This calculated increase in correction offers the utmost deterrent to your dog to leave the safe containment area. 

Remember, unlike other systems, you can monitor your dogs from your Smart Wi-Fi Base Station and each collar can be independently programmed to allow you to customize your system for the temperament of each dog. Should your dog leave the Safe Zone, the correction will halt after 30 seconds.

It's not just wireless. It's Wi-Fi. It's not just the evolution of the dog fence, it's a quantum leap. With no wire to bury, your WIFI rechargeable dog fence can be up and running in minutes. 

Polycarbonate Collar Receivers: Polycarbonate plastic is a lightweight, high performance plastic which possesses a unique balance of toughness and dimensional stability. Perimeter® brand dog fence collars use polycarbonate plastic to make them resistant to damage from dog chews. Polycarbonate is frequently used in situations where safety and performance are a must such as external jet aircraft parts, the space shuttle and many military applications. Why trust the safety of your dog to anything less?

Waterproof Collar Receivers: Perimeter® brand receivers are fully waterproof and functional even when fully submerged in water.  Have a pool or pond? Like to take your dog to the lake? Take your Perimeter® dog fence with you.

Replaceable/Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery Technology: Lithium Ion technology offers three times the gravimetric density of nickel metal hydride technology which provides lighter batteries with increased run times. Replacing batteries not only provides the ability to instantly renew the collars power supply should you forget to recharge it also provides a consistent duration for battery life as opposed to the diminishing life span of a non-replaceable rechargeable cell.

Digital Frequency Encoding:  eliminates stray signal interference from neighboring dog fence systems as well as other signal generating devices.

Most Humane Contact Points: Comfort Contacts™ by Perimeter® offer the most comfortable solution to create contact with your dog. Conductive metal infused rubber provides significant protection against pressure necrosis, a condition which occurs when a dog either has a negative skin reaction to metal touching their skin or the collar is left on for a prolonged period of time. Soft conductive rubber contacts allow the contact to remain constant keeping your dog safe at home with utmost is comfort.

Custom Correction Programming: Perimeter® is the only brand of do it yourself dog fence system which offers the ability to control the stimulation settings for each dog on the system. This feature is crucial for single dog systems where the dog is older or more sensitive to electronic correction. Eight programming options are available for each dog on the system, including Tone Only Warning and Progressive Static Correction. You may have a small timid dog which requires far less correction than your other large “bull-headed” dog. Perimeter® brand dog fence systems give you the ability to custom program each receiver to match the dog’s temperament.

New technology makes our lives more convenient, keeps us better connected and now makes owning a dog fence easier and safer for your pet.


  • Adjustable circular containment area:  up to 2.5 acres
  • Polycarbonate Collar Receiver:  high performance plastic that is strong and durable, resistant to damage from chewing, but lightweight
  • Waterproof Collar Receivers:  fully functional even when completely submerged in water. Replaceable/Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery Technology in collars 
  • Collar Receiver Specs:  2.5" W x 1.5" H x 1.25" D; Weight = 2.3 Ounces
  • Digital Frequency Encoding: eliminates stray signal interference from neighboring dog fence systems as well as other signal generating devices.
  • Comfort Contacts™:  Soft conductive rubber contacts are comfortable for your dog even when the collar is worn for a prolonged periods.
  • Custom Correction Programming: control the stimulation settings for each dog on the system. Eight programming options are available for each dog on the system.
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty.


In the Box

  • Transmitter (Base Smart Station)
  • One waterproof collar Receiver
  • Two rechargeable/replacement Lithium Ion batteries
  • 50 boundary flags
  • AC Transformer
  • Instruction/Basic Training manual
  • Comfort Contact™ Probes
  • Long Hair Steel Contact Probes
  • High Quality nylon collar
  • Battery charge is within 3 - 4  hours



  • Model: WF-100
  • Manufactured by: Perimeter Technologies

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