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UplandHunter A Series Add-A-Dog SDR-AB

UplandHunter A Series Add-A-Dog

Extra Collar/Receiver/Beeper for the SD-1875 Add another dog to your current SportDOG Brand® electronic collar system or replace a lost collar...

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UplandHunter Accessory Beeper SD-BEEP

UplandHunter Accessory Beeper

Offers 9 tones to easily track your dog! The SD-BEEP offers nine tones to easily track your dog. The SD-BEEP is the original Remote Beeper for the...

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Vehicle Roof-Mount Antenna SAC00-13636

Vehicle Roof-Mount Antenna

Magnetic Roof-Mount Antenna for use with TEK 1.0 Systems Omni-directional, magnetic vehicle roof-mount antenna for use with SportDog TEK systems.

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Wetland Hunter SD-1825XCamo

Wetland Hunter

1-Mile trainer wrapped in Realtree Max-5® camouflage   The SportDOG Brand® WetlandHunter® 1825X is designed for the...

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Wetland Hunter 425XCamo SD-425XCamo

Wetland Hunter 425XCamo

The WetlandHunter 425X is SportDOG's smallest and lightest e-collar designed for the waterfowl-hunting environment. Wrapped in Realtree Max-5®...

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WetlandHunter SD-1825Camo


Looks outstanding - without standing out. With Realtree Advantage Max-5 HD Camo finish. The SportDog SportHunter 1825 puts you in confident control...

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WetlandHunter 425 SD-425Camo

WetlandHunter 425

Camoflauge version of the SD-425/425S. This dedicated waterfowl product is rugged, waterproof, and submersible in an unbelievably compact size. The...

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Yard Trainer SD-105

Yard Trainer

Great for yard-work for small to average size dogs. The YardTrainer SD-105 is designed for basic obedience training around the house or yard....

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Yard Trainer - Stubborn Dog SD-105s

Yard Trainer - Stubborn Dog

Same features as Yard Trainer SD-105, but intended for larger and/or stubborn dogs. The YardTrainer SD-105S is designed especially for tougher or...

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Yard Trainer 100 YT-100

Yard Trainer 100

The SportDOG® Brand YardTrainer 100 is designed for basic obedience training around the house, yard, or park - any situation where your dog is...

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Yard Trainer 100S - Stubborn YT-100S

Yard Trainer 100S - Stubborn

The SportDOG® Brand YardTrainer 100S (YT-100S) was built for more stubborn and distracted dogs by offering its static stimulations in a higher range...

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YardTrainer 350 SD-350

YardTrainer 350

Combines basic e-collar training with versatility and ruggedness The SportDOG Brand® YardTrainer 350 combines the simplicity of a basic e-collar...

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In-Ground Fence System SDF-100A

In-Ground Fence System

A simple and cost-effective alternative to a traditional fence. Keeping your dog safe at home is a must for all dog owners. SportDOG Brand can help....

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