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Healthy Pet Simply Feed Power Adapter PAC00-15478

Healthy Pet Simply Feed Power Adapter

Replacement adaptor for the Healthy Pet Simply Feed™ Pet Feeder. Simply plug one end into the feeder and the other end into a standard wall outlet...

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3V Battery RFA-188

3V Battery

PetSafe's exclusive small-sized battery helps keep your pet safe and well-behaved For PetSafe Bark Control: PBC00-10782 PBC00-11047 PBC23-10931...

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Replacement Refill for SprayShield Spray-Can

Replacement Refill for SprayShield

Replacement Refill for SprayShield - great for keeping aggressive animals away

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SprayShield Animal Deterrent PTA00-14718

SprayShield Animal Deterrent

Avoid that bite! It’s estimated that there are over 4.5 million dog bites each year in the U.S., with over 600,000 requiring medical attention....

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Accessory Kit for Pet Fencing Collars RFA-529

Accessory Kit for Pet Fencing Collars

Refresh your pet's fencing collar with components from this universal kit. Includes long and short/standard contact points plus replacement pieces...

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Cat Flap CC10-050-11

Cat Flap

Let your cat pass through any interior door Give your cat access to her litter box without giving her litter box access to your home! This durable...

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FlexContact PAC00-12122


Flexible contact points for use with PetSafe Remote Training & Fencing products. New FlexContactTM actually flexes with your dog's movements....

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Replacement Contact Point Kit RFA-530

Replacement Contact Point Kit

Replacement Contact Points for Pet Fencing Receiver Collars Includes long and short contact points (2 each) and a tightening/removal tool. Perfect...

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Customizable SKINS for Elite Little Dog Trainer EliteSKINS

Customizable SKINS for Elite Little Dog Trainer

PetSafe Skins to Customize your Elite Little Dog Remote Trainer PetSafe® Skins allow you to customize your pet's Elite Little Dog Remote Trainer...

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Healthy Pet Water Filter - 2 pack PFD17-11867

Healthy Pet Water Filter - 2 pack

Replaceable activated carbon water filter for use with any Healthy Pet Water Station. Healthier for your pet, convenient for you. With the Healthy...

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PetSafe Spray Skins SpraySkin

PetSafe Spray Skins

PetSafe Skins to Customize your Big Dog Spray Bark Control Collar PetSafe® Skins allow you to customize your pet's Big Dog Spray Bark Control...

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Skip To My Loo House Training Scent PAC00-14494

Skip To My Loo House Training Scent

Perfect for potty training your pet Perfect for potty training, the unique scent of Skip To My Loo is designed to encourage your pet to use the...

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Transmitter Lanyard PAC00-16407

Transmitter Lanyard

This nylon lanyard allows you to keep your hands free while keeping your PetSafe Remote Trainer transmitter close by when your or your dog need it....

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Wee Care Enzyme Cleaner PAC00-14492

Wee Care Enzyme Cleaner

Recommended Pet Loo cleaner Wee Care is the original and recommended Pet Loo cleaner. The natural enzyme-based formula removes odors and stains...

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3V Battery - 2 pack RFA-35-11

3V Battery - 2 pack

Small but mighty coin cell batteries to power your dog's small collar Images Click on the images to enlarge.

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6V Battery - 2 pack RFA-67D-11

6V Battery - 2 pack

PetSafe's exclusive battery for your pet's collar For PetSafe Bark Control: PBC00-10677 PBC-302 PDBC-300 PUSB-300 PUSB-150-19 PBC19-10765 PDBC-300-20...

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6V Alkaline Battery RFA-18-11

6V Alkaline Battery

Keep your pet's collar going strong with long-life alkaline power For PetSafe Bark Control: PBC00-11005 PBC00-11282 PBC19-11043 For PetSafe Remote...

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AC Adapter RFA-372

AC Adapter

Adapter for use with various PetSafe and Innotek containment systems and RFA-450 12-volt power adapter for use with various Innotek, PetSafe, and...

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Basic Remote Trainer PDT00-13882

Basic Remote Trainer

Makes training easy and affordable for any budget With a 75 yard range and 12 levels of stimulation and two tone training options, you can...

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Big Dog Remote Trainer PDT00-13411

Big Dog Remote Trainer

Helping the two of you see eye to eye Your dog may be big, but that doesn't mean he can't be trained. With this deluxe system, you can train your dog...

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Citronella Refill REF11202

Citronella Refill

Citronella is an essential oil that is derived from the stem and leaves of lemon grass and has been used in medicine for over a thousand years....

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Elite Little Dog Add-A-Dog PAC00-13631

Elite Little Dog Add-A-Dog

Extra collar for use with PDT00-13623 Now you can train two dogs at once! The Elite Little Dog Add-A-Dog® Collar will work with any Elite Training...

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Little Dog Remote Trainer PDT00-13410

Little Dog Remote Trainer

This little trainer is big on discipline. With this system, training your little pal is easy. The lightweight receiver is made especially for small...

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PAC00-16023 Adaptor for Smart Feed


Replacement power adapter for the Smart Feed 12-Meal Automatic Smartphone Pet Feeder.  

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PASSport Battery Station PAC00-13799

PASSport Battery Station

For use with PASSport Pet Access System Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery , Charging Station, and Power Adapter included. Use this Battery kit with...

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PASSport Key PAC00-13798

PASSport Key

Works with the PASSport Pet Access Smart System Allow multiple pets entry and exit through your PASSport Pet Access Door. Up to 20 keys can be...

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PASSport Pet Door-Small PPA00-13795

PASSport Pet Door-Small

Advanced entry and exit technology With its contemporary design and advanced entry and exit technology, the Passport Pet Access Smart System™...

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Pawz Away - Medium PDT00-11318

Pawz Away - Medium

Indoor training for dogs and cats - trains your pet to avoid areas such as sofas, tables and chairs. 12" x 60" Make sure he behaves as if you were...

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Pet Door Installation Kit PAC11-10863

Pet Door Installation Kit

This handy kit is a great time-saver and makes installing a pet door easy Our installation kit comes with everything you need to install a pet door...

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Rechargeable In-Ground Fence - No Wire ZIG00-15922

Rechargeable In-Ground Fence - No Wire

Rechargeable In-Ground Fence™ system with no wire in the package - add the boundary wire of your choice! If you need 500 feet of standard 20-gauge...

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Scentless Refill REF11206

Scentless Refill

Scentless - 2.4 oz.

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Stainless Bowl for Smart Feed Pet Feeder PAC00-15965

Stainless Bowl for Smart Feed Pet Feeder

Replacement food bowl for the Smart Feed 12-Meal Automatic Smartphone Pet Feeder. Features Compatible with the Smart Feed automatic feeder...

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Yard and Park Remote Trainer PDT00-12470

Yard and Park Remote Trainer

Make him obey - even if he's far away with this 400 yard range trainer. With a range of up to 400 yards away, this trainer lets you manage your furry...

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