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Bluefang 4-in-1 Super Collar BF-25

Bluefang 4-in-1 Super Collar

This super Bluefang® collar works with your compatible smartphone to provide Remote Training, Bark Control, and Fitness Tracking. It can also be...

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Grain Valley Carrying Case Case

Grain Valley Carrying Case

This storage and carrying case is perfect for your electronic dog collar, small hand-held tracking system, GPS, two-way radios, compact...

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Ultrasonic Cat Repeller CatStop

Ultrasonic Cat Repeller

Ultrasonic invisible barrier to deter and repel cats. CatStop is an effective barrier which keeps cats away from restricted areas (like gardens,...

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Pet Clipper Pro Clipper

Pet Clipper Pro

Avoid costly trips to the professional groomer. Our lightweight, ergonomically designed clippers are compact and easy to handle, but powerful and...

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Pet Data Recorder DataRec

Pet Data Recorder

Eyenimal's Pet Data Recorder offers a glimpse into the mysterious world of your pet! Suitable for cats or dogs, this tiny GPS unit tracks your pet's...

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Electronic Flea Comb FleaComb

Electronic Flea Comb

A chemical-free solution to kill fleas, remove odors, and leave your pet's coat shiny! Fighting off an invasion of fleas on your pet is a battle. The...

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Train 'n Praise Treat Dispenser PDT00-14016

Train 'n Praise Treat Dispenser

Reward your pets from a distance The PetSafe Train 'n Praise is a reward system that uses a Handheld Remote and Treat Dispenser to positively...

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SprayShield Animal Deterrent PTA00-14718

SprayShield Animal Deterrent

Avoid that bite! It’s estimated that there are over 4.5 million dog bites each year in the U.S., with over 600,000 requiring medical attention....

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Dog Repeller Repel

Dog Repeller

Control and keep dogs away regardless of their size or breed Perfect for joggers, cyclists, walkers, mail carriers, etc., this unit repels unwanted...

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Electronic Radio Mat RM-1

Electronic Radio Mat

Keep pets off furniture, away from trash cans, doorways, and anywhere else that's off limits to pets! Radio Mat is a great option because it...

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Radio Mat Transmitter Pad RMT-1

Radio Mat Transmitter Pad

Pad only (no collar included). For use with existing RX-10 containment collar or to add a restricted area to existing RM-1 system. Keep pets off...

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Replacement Refill for SprayShield Spray-Can

Replacement Refill for SprayShield

Replacement Refill for SprayShield - great for keeping aggressive animals away

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Sofa Scram SS-1

Sofa Scram

Teaches pets to scram using painless sound - no shock. Instantly activated by the touch of a paw, the battery operated Sofa Scram emits startling 85...

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StarWalk StarWalk


Love your dog - one step at a time. Meet the iQ Pet StarWalk, the best friend to your best friend....The StarWalk accompanies your dog by attaching...

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